Friday, April 27, 2007

Erie High School, Erie, PA 1917 Football Team Photo

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In the photograph: Chauncey Cook, John Sullivan, Victor Wright, Thomas O'Dea, Everett William Benson, Mr. William E. Dimorier - faculty advisor, Arthur W. Turner, Charles Hooper - manager, Clyde Shaner, James Devine, Robert Hamilton, Louis McMahon, Max Schoenfield, D. G. Evans - asst coach & trainer, Theodore Nagle, William Hamilton, John Fries

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yesterday Bethlehem Steel - Tomorrow a Casino

Sands Casino to be Built on the Bethlehem Steel Site, Bethlehem PA

Though historians lament the loss of a part of Bethlehem Steel's history, [Las Vegas Sands Corp.]plans to save more than 20 buildings — including the 1,500-foot-long No. 2 Machine Shop, once the world's largest — and incorporate many of them into its plan for a destination resort featuring a hotel, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and a slots casino.

Also staying put are the iconic, 20-story blast furnaces that have helped define
Bethlehem's skyline for 100 years. Sands will install architectural lighting to spotlight them.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Johnstown High School, Johnstown, PA 1930 Football Team

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In the photograph: Ralph Shannon, Wilson Crelli, John Rigby, Herbert Armstrong, Harney Steele, Steve Terebus - captain, Richard Cox, Sam Shamber, Andrew Geha, John Kawchak, Herman Heidorn, Edward Leckey, Edward Geha, Ralph McGraw, Peter Hlivko, Mike Danko, George Berkebile, Fred Geha, James Beas, Paul Wissinger, Clifford Evans, William Lehew, Emmet Appleman, Robert Ashcom, Donald Potthoff, Henry Geha, William Audi, Clarence Lewis, Walter Smith, Joseph Harrick - coach, Tom Nokes, David Merritts, Emil George, Louis Kocsis, Richard George, Ben Glosser, John Petrako.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Allegheny College, Meadville, PA Campus Board 1900

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In the photograph: Mr. Lampe, Miss Chase, Miss Crane, Miss Shadduck, Mr. Selkregg, Mr. Barkley, Mr. Womer, Mr. Shatto, Mr. Morrow, Mr. Matteson, Mr. Masters, Mr. Blaisdell

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Indiana High School, Indiana, PA 1927 Football Team Photo

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In the photograph:
Coach Miles Stroup, School Principal Hugh M. Bell, Teachers Henry Rohde and James Tomb.

Manager Jay Frank Doney. Players Don Longwill, Gordon Thomas Gibson, Joseph Louis Abate, Jason C. McHenry, Paul McGregor, Carl Widdowson, Glenn Z. Hammers, Tom Malcolm, Dwight Moorhead, James Harper, Russell Leech, Edward Lydick, Glenmore Fine, Albert Sprankle, Howard Fulton, Howard Straitiff, Albert Halow, Joseph Higgins, Mervin Hicks.

The names of six of the players are unknown. You might recognize them.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Pennsylvania Biographies

New Biographies - just added - at Pennsylvania Biographies.

Chapman, Rensselaer
Clapp, John M.
Clark, Robert C.
Conklin, John Jr.
Davis, Erastus A.
Demmon, Lyman
Ellis, Benjamin
Evans, Henry H.
Gage, Ora C.
Green, Sterling
Grosch, Christian
Hall, Galbraith A. I.
Hazard, David G.
Hills, Nathaniel B.
Hotchkiss, Elihu
Hotchkiss, Hiram
Hotchkiss, Lewis H.
Hotchkiss, Sheldon
Howard, Henry B.
Jagger, Enoch F.
Jenkins, Theron P.
Jennings, James B.
Lewis, Josiah G.
Little, Watson W.
Manville, John Milton
Mosier, Nathan
Muckinhoupt, John
Nash, James
Pier, Selden E.
Potter, Peter
Rice, Thomas Edward
Stebbins, Robert L.
Sweney, Joshua W.
Terrill, Erastus J.
Veiley, Charles M.
Waldo, Calvin
Waldo, Daniel C.
Webster, Hiram
White, Newell C.
Wiard, John Stout
Wiley, William
Zimmer, Amandus T.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Red Lion High School Red Lion PA 1935 Baseball Team Photo

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Players: Bill Payne - Captain, George Stabley, Robert Warner, Eugene Fake, Preston Inkrote, Irwin Trout, Dale Leiphart, Edward Thompson, Quinton Ellis, Leroy Gohn, Robert Manchey, Junior Kohler, Wayne Glenn, Dennis Geesey, Bert Stain - head manager.

Coach Nitchkey.

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Rockville, Porter Twp., Clarion Co., PA School Photos

Rockville School, Porter Twp., Clarion Co., 1906 photo

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In the photograph: Blanch Ion - teacher. Students Harold McNutt, William McNutt, Ethel McNutt, and Ruth McNutt.

The rest of the students are unknown. You may recognize some of them.

Rockville, Porter Twp., Clarion Co., Pa 1911 Basketball Team Photo

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In the photograph: Dale Furlong, Frank Willison, Bill McNutt, Hodge Krotzer, unknown, Fred Laughlin, Harold Laughlin, Harry Spindler.

Rural Valley School, Armstrong County, PA Grades 1-2, 1939-40 photo

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In the photograph: Eugene Monroe Wagner

The rest of the students in the photograph are unknown. You might recognize some of them.

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