Monday, December 31, 2007

Lancaster, PA High School Football Team 1968

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In the photograph: Players (and their football number) Sam Minder 76, Mike Fetter 34, Richard Dixon 44, Dave Schmucker 86, Robert Herr 73, Mark Hite 14, Mel Smith 24, Nelson Polite 48, Pat Marion 85, Ron Fleming 36, Doug Dussinger 64, Robert Jones 68, Pat St. Clair 82, Dale Parmer 72, Larry Kindbom 80, George Francos 66, Jim Mentzer 42, Joe Herman 65, Charles Patterson 84, Joe Wysock 32, Scott Wise 52, Richard Keller 58, Bill McKinney 26, Ray Smith 28, Tom Moore 22, Mike Wagner 12, Dwight Ford 30, Coach King, Coach Miller, Coach Kraft, John Metzger 62, Howard Stewart 18, Alexander Godwin 88, Doug Dennison 89, Eugene Jackson 56, Larry Spece 54, Equipment Mgr. Myers, Groundskeeper, Managers Mike Ochs and Barry Ryan.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kellettville, PA Baseball Team Photo

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The names of the ball players are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize some
of them.

The year is unknown - possibly 1910s.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Manheim Township High School, Neffsville, PA Class of 1932

Manheim Township High School, Neffsville, PA Class of 1932

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Class Roster (and probably in the photograph) Glenden Alexander, Mae Binkley, John Corbett, Adrian De Vink, Dorothy Eichelberger, Esther Goldfus, Margaret Goldfus, Marie Hamill, Anne Heinicke, Arthur Hollinger, Durell Hollinger, William Jaynes, Ada Kauffman, Ethel Kreider, Pauline Leaman, William Leonard, Robert Machen, Alberta Mease, Betty Phillips, Melvin Redcay, Dorothy Rothfus, Frances Rutledge, Mary Ruth Sensenig, Eunice Slead, Charles Smith, William Sprenkle, Caroline Zuck

More Pennsylvania Old Photos

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Pennsylvania Old Photos... online

New Pennsylvania Photos.... online

Eicher, King, Harman Family
William Marsh Price
Tylersville, PA 1927
Thomas Hines
Calvin and Irene Evans
Davis Sisters
Sykesville Baseball Team
Sarah Elizabeth (Wolfgang) Tozier
Margaret Elsie Tozer Walker
Allan Eugene Bell
Peggy Lynn Bell
Leonard Bates Tozer
Sarah Maria (Frantz) Walker and Henry William Walker
Frederick Michael Walker
Christina Zufall
Herbert and Effie Couch
Pauline Rebecca Walker
Old Frostburg School abt 1914
David A. Clabaugh and Mary L. Dunn Clabaugh
Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Pomeroy, PA 1907
James Bestwick Jr.
Mary Huey
St. Joseph's Convent and St. Mary's Church, St. Marys, PA
Towne House Hotel, St Marys, PA
St Marys, PA Methodist Church
Elk County Home, St. Marys, PA
St. Marys High School, St. Marys, PA
Deckards School, Deckards, PA 1908
Delbridge Family
Northwestern Orchestra, Meadville, PA
George Mooers
Unknown Women, Houtzdale, PA
Unknown Man, New Castle, PA
Joseph R. Kline Family
Mansfield State Teachers College, Mansfield, PA Class of 1935
Unveiling the Canon in Lindner Park, Carlisle, PA 1910
Unknown Boy with Trumpet
Juniata College Basketball Team 1908
Deeter School, Sharpsville, PA First Grade
Sharpsville, PA Arcade 1890s
Cecielia Rose Parunti DeJulia
Gaynell Velma Brown Peters
Joseph Alexander Peters
Loreto "Ray" DeJulia 1946
Sandra Stickle, Peggy Peters, Velma Peters, unknown man
Loreto DeJulia and Velma Peters Wedding 1957
Velma Peters DeJulia
Loretto "Ray" DeJulia
Isaac Terwilliger
St Mary's School, Beaver Falls, PA
St Mary's School, Beaver Falls, PA 1916
Rev. Samuel Dexter "S.D. or Dexter" Morris (1815-1887)
Giron Family
Kelly Station, PA School Students 1947
Bessie Jane Maines
Crystal Hotel, Johnstown, PA
First Natonal Bank, Johnstown, PA
Apollo Band July 1911
Northeast High School, Philadelphia, PA 1937 Football Squad
Unknown Woman
Marilyn Ann Chomiak Wertman Wedding Announcement Photo
Walter John Ruffner, Elizabeth Elkin, John Elkin and Margret Elkin Ruffner
Sherman Joshua Ruffner with Margret Elkin Ruffner and Nelson
Sarah Chapman Elkin
Clara and Walter Ruffner with Pearl
McKeesport High School, McKeesport, PA Basketball Team, 1922
Miss McAnlis, Miss Hendrix and Miss Schenck
Byrde Gillman, R. Thomas and L. Roake
Catherine Marie Murphy
W. W. Dodds
Helen Louise Barkemeyer
Annabelle Neemes Crookham and friend
Grace Amelia Weddell
Anna Elizabeth Nill
Martha Roush
Gertrude Hill
Edla Regina Carlson and Ethel Louise Brakeall
Mary Helen Blackburn
Mabel Vivian Holloway and her friends
Dorothy Louise Reiber and her brother
Hamer S. Fleming and his dog
Charles Anton Gustafson
Elizabeth Lamond "Betty" McIlroy
Prudence Hammond Mosley
Benjamin Mosley
James Blaine Kelley and Velma Mae Kiser Kelley
Arcangela Perri Fazio with Joseph John and Louis Anthony Cucinotta
Guiseppe Joseph Cucinotta and Natale Cucinotta
Antonio Cucinotta and Paolina Mondello
Bob Collier
Armstrong - Collier, Oil City, PA
Barbara and Bob Collier 1959
Armstrong Collier, Inc, Oil City, PA
Drebert Children (3 photos)
Curtin School, McKees Rocks, PA 1921
Children of Thomas and Anna Salome Hess Patterson
Flora Wellings Atkins and an unknown woman
Elizabeth Danko Pavlik and Harry Pavlik
John and Helen Danko Vohar with Mary Kuchtjak and family
Service United Presbyterian Church, Aliquippa, PA
Warren Painter and Friends
Fredonia National Bank, Fredonia PA 1908
Sandy Lake High School, Sandy Lake, PA Seniors 1927-28
Rockdale School, Crawford Co., PA 1930-31
Hattie K Magill Hughes and Herbert Ray
Uncle Ralph
Uncle Clem
George Smith
Robert John Holt, Esther Bell Holt and a group of people
Ellen Brooks - possibly
Ellen Brooks and the Skiles Family - possibly
Frances O. R. Benjamin
Frances O. R. Benjamin headstone
Unknown Woman
Unknown Men
Unknown Man and Child
Unknown Woman
Unknown Ladies - Graduation Photo (shown above)
Unknown Woman
Unknown Man
Unknown Woman
Unknown Woman
Unknown Soldier
Harriett Ellen Patterson Greer
James Lyons Greer
James William Orr and Louisa Rowe Dietrich Orr and family
Ostrum Family 1960
J. Fred Ostrum family 1946
Unknown Girls outside the Riddle Brother Restaurant, Franklin, PA
Russell Edwin Henery
Mary Dora Gray Carlson
Marcus, Arthur and Della Heberling Henery
Lena Tost Baldauf
Laura Esther Wheeler Bowser
Dr. Ira David Bowser
Dr. Ira David Bowser's Office and Home, Reynoldsville PA
George and Mary Lyons Heberling
Family of Emma Lyons
Edward Carlson
David and Flora Ruddock Carlson
Cora Mabel Heberling Henery
Beulah Mae Henery
Edward Carlson and Sons
Alma, Mary, Sarah, and Martha Bowser
Family of Alice Heberling Tapper
Addison H Bowser MD
Annie Ludwig Tost
Samuel Price Weaver Jr

More Pennsylvania Old Photos

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unveiling the Canon at Carlisle, PA

Unveiling the Canon at Lindner Park, at Carlisle, PA Oct 18, 1910
More Pennsylvania Old Photos

Juniata College Baseball Team 1908 Photo

Juniata College Basketball Team 1908

View the photo

The names of the players are unknown. You might recognize some of them.

More Pennsylvania Old Photos

Friday, December 14, 2007

Deeter School, Sharpsville, PA First Graders

The names of the students and the year are unknown - maybe you'll recognize some of them or have an idea of what year this might be.

The Derrick, 1954-1977

Past issues of the The Derrick, the newspaper for Oil City, Franklin, and Clarion newspaper are now on line at Created from microfilm copies, the newspaper is searchable or you can browse each issue page-by-page.

Search the newspapers

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mansfield State Teachers College, Mansfield, PA Class of 1935 Photo

The Class of 1935 photographed when they were Sophomores in 1933

View the old photo

In the photo: Billings, Hill, Learn, Major, Swan, Straughn, Kieffer, Stuyvesant, Sensinger, Richards, English, Hymes, Titus, Hildebrandt, Heath, Renninger, Youmans, Curren, Dildine, Reed, Roberts, Dimock, Van Dine, Kim, Shulman, Schulman, Kuhlman, Kaly, Harris, Snyder, Rubendall, Rubendahl, Clark, Sharp, Sharpe, Harrison, Evans, Melson, Hamblin, Hamlin, Looney, Lennox, Lenox, Nordstrom, Ziefle, Oliver, Edwards, Hendricks, Lunn, Haverly, Sanial, Sullivan, Stevens, Enck, Reynolds, Hildebrand

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

McKeesport High School, McKeesport, PA 1922 Varsity Basketball Team

View the photo

In the photograph: Leland N. Dennen, Ralph James McAllister, John A. Hayes, Herbert Horne, James Boax, James Sharpe - Capt; Henry Ludwick Jr., Thomas? Baird, Frank Peters - Manager; Clyde C. Elder, Hamer S. (or Hartman) Fleming, Jaycox, Nelson R. Korb - Coach, Paul W. McAllister

Allegheny County in 1908

Norm Meinert has added a couple of Allegheny County Books to his website at

In and About Allegheny, published in 1908, lots of great photos!


Pittsburgh in Ye Olden Time, A Souvenir of the Sesqui-centennial, 1858-1908

Great site Norm! And, thanks to anonymous for the contributing the books to go on line for everyone to see.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pennsylvania Train Wreck, Mine Accident, Fire and other disaster articles -- just added

More Pennsylvania Disasters - just added at

Lackawanna County, PA Houses Damaged by Mine Cave Ins, Aug 1921
Mahanoy City, PA Stanton Mine Gas Explosion, Aug 1915
Wadesville, PA Mining Accident, Aug 1915
Lansford, PA Mine Accident, Aug 1915
Pittsburgh, PA Torpedo Company Explosion, Nov 1888
Oil City, PA Fire, May 1866
Zollarsville, PA Saw Accident, Dec 1907
Punxsutawney, PA Drowning, Dec 1907
Philadelphia, PA Sugar Refinery Fire, Jul 1870
Scranton, PA Mine Cave In, Feb 1904
Hazleton, PA Mine Fire, Jan 1893
Philadelphia, PA Heat Wave Kills 5, Jul 1908
Wellsboro, PA Train Plunges Through Trestle, Jan 1890
Springfield, PA Railroad Bridge Collapses Under Train, July 1901
Pittsburgh, PA Railroad Bridge Collapses, Apr 1897
Catasauqua, PA Train Accident, Jul 1881
Mount Joy, PA Fell into Cistern and Drowned, Jul 1881
Lost Creek, PA Football Accident, Aug 1911
Denver, PA Runaway Accident, Aug 1911
Greenville, PA Tornado, Mar 1903
Wellsboro, PA Coles House Hotel Fire, Mar 1906
Wilkes-Barre, PA Empire Colliery Mine Explosion, May 1890
Monongahela, PA Mine Explosion, Jun 1908
Lumber City, PA Mill Fire, Mar 1906
Lilly, PA Dynamite Explosion, Jun 1896
Moyer, PA Powder Explosion, Oct 1889
Berlin, PA Saw Mill Boiler Explosion, Sept 1889
Allegheny, PA Evergreen Hotel Explosion, Jul 1896
Lafayette City, PA Washington Coal Mine Explosion, Jul 1896
Norristown, PA Mine Fire, May 1902
Port Bowkley, PA Wyoming Colliery Mine Explosion, May 1895
Nanticoke, PA Coal Mine Accident, Sept 1897
Winton, PA Powder Explosion, May 1890
Saegertown, PA Trolley Wreck, Jun 1908
Saltsburg, PA Buggy Accident, May 1909
Sharon, PA National Steel Co Furnace Explosion, Aug 1902
Townville, PA Fire, Apr 1895
Sharon, PA Trolley Wreck, Aug 1902
New Castle, PA Scratched by Turtle, Sept 1895
Ralston, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1889
Portage, PA Powder Explosion, Jul 1898
Pittsburgh, PA Steel Works Accident, Sept 1889
Sunbury, PA Train Accident, Aug 1907
Smithfield, PA Tornado, May 1911
Plymouth, PA Coal Mine Accident, Mar 1890
Wilkes-Barre, PA Hillman Vein Mine Accident, Mar 1890
Pittsburgh, PA Storm, Mar 1902
Sunbury, PA Storm, Jan 1889
Philadelphia, PA Steamer City of Trenton Boiler Explosion, Aug 1901
East Athens, PA Barn Fire, Dec 1907
Erie, PA Barrel Factory Fire, Aug 1866
Bolivar, PA Train Accident, Dec 1907
Ohiopyle, PA Train Wreck, May 1907
New Kensington, PA Lightning Strike, Jul 1925
Philadelphia, PA Vega Dress Suit Case Co Fire, Jun 1903
Germantown, PA Horse Accident, May 1870
Woodbury, PA Crushed by Tree, Jan 1908
Harrisburg, PA Trolley - Wagon Wreck, Jan 1908
Sayre, PA Train Accident, Dec 1907
Sunbury, PA Train Accident, Dec 1907
Childs Station, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1913
Blairsville, PA Railroad Accident, Feb 1860
Connellsville, PA Home Gas Explosion, Feb 1913
Curwensville, PA Forest Fire, May 1891
Connellsville, PA Presbyterian Church Fire, Jan 1907
Latrobe, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1889
Pittsburgh, PA Flood, Mar 1936
Prospect Station, PA Train Plunges Off Bridge, Dec 1872
Allentown, PA Storm and Lightning, Jun 1911
Johnstown, PA Lightning Strike, Jun 1911
Mt Carmel, PA Tornado Hits Coal Co Breaker, Jul 1891
Wilmer Station, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1902
Pittsburgh, PA House Gas Explosion, Jan 1893
Industry, PA Firecracker and Powder Explosion, Jul 1890
Schuylkill Haven, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Nov 1892
Sonestown, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1904
Philadelphia, PA Artists Studio Fire, Jan 1903
Greenville, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1901
Erie, PA Presque Isle Drownings, Nov 1887
Mertztown, PA Boiler Explosion, Nov 1890
Mifflinville, PA Bridge Collapse, Dec 1907

More Pennsylvania Disasters

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pennsylvania Mine Accidents and Explosions

Pennsylvania Mine Accidents and Explosions - just added at

Bittner, PA Mine Accident, Feb 1913
Bolivar, PA Mine Accident, Dec 1907
Brownsville, PA Briar Hill Coal Co Mine Accident, Jan 1904
Chambersville, PA Mine Accidents, Feb 1910
Connellsville, PA Mine Accident, Apr 1895
Coral, PA Mine Accident, Feb 1910
DuBois, PA Berwind-White Mine Explosion, Mar 1896
DuBois, PA Mine Cave In, Mar 1936
Dunbar, PA Colvin Mine Fire, Oct 1884
Emeigh Run, PA Cherrytree Coal Co Fire, May 1909
Fayette, PA Mine Explosion, Apr. 1913
Finleyville, PA Mine Explosion, Apr 1913
Footedale, PA Mine Accident, Jun 1901
Foustwell, PA Bermind-White Coal Mine Flood, Apr 1907
Hamtown, PA Abandoned Mine and Town Cave In, Mar 1902
Hazleton, PA Train Wreck into Coal Mine, Jan 1896
Homestead, PA Coal Crusher Explosion, April 1913
Johnstown, PA Mine Catastrophe, Jul 1902
Leisenring, PA Frick Coal Mine Accident, Jun 1901
Mahanoy City, PA Maple Hill Colliery Explosion, Feb 1904
Mahanoy City, PA Mine Accident, Aug 1915
Mahanoy City, PA Morea Mine Cave In, Aug 1915
Maple Hill, PA Mine Accident, Mar 1915
McIntyre, PA Kent Coal Mine Explosion, Jun 1941
Mount Pleasant, PA Mammouth Mine Disasters, Jan 1891
New Kensington, PA Valley Camp Mine Explosion, Feb 1913
North Mahanoy, PA Mine Accident, Dec 1915
Pittsburgh, PA Naomi Mine Accident, May 1923
Plymouth, PA Gaylord Mine Accident, Jun 1889
Renton, PA Mine Explosion, Jul 1920
Renton, PA Union Collieries Mine Explosion, Jul 1920
Scottsdale, PA Frick Coke Co Mine Explosion, Jan 1891
Scranton, PA Fairlawn Colliery Mine Fire, Aug 1886
Scranton, PA Jermyn Breaker Fire, May 1907
Shamokin, PA Richards Mine Accident, Jul 1898
Shenandoah, PA Bast Colliery Accident, Aug 1915
Suffolk, PA Mine Accident, Aug 1915
Tamaqua, PA Mine Accident, Feb 1858
Tower City, PA East Brookside Colliery Mine Explosion, Aug 1913
Uniontown, PA Continental Mine Accident, Jun 1901
West Conshochocken, PA Mine Fire, May 1902
Wilkes Barre, PA Gas Explosion In Mine, Oct 1901
Wilkes-Barre, PA Coal Mine Fire, Aug 1869
Wilkes-Barre, PA Nottingham Mines Explosion, Jun 1915
Wyoming, PA Mt Lookout Mine Accident, Jul 1898

More Pennsylvania Disasters

Pennsylvania Train Wrecks & Accidents

Pennsylvania Train Wrecks and Accidents - just added at

Allentown, PA Train Accident, May 1905
Allentown, PA Train Jumping Accident, Aug 1915
Altoona, PA Horseshoe Curve Train Wreck, Feb 1947
Altoona, PA Llyswen Trolley Car Accident, Aug 1904
Altoona, PA Railroad Yard Train Accident, Jan 1904
Altoona, PA Street Car Accident, Aug 1904
Altoona, PA Train - Mail Post Accident Aug 1904
Altoona, PA Train Accident, Aug 1904
Altoona, PA Train Accidents, Oct 1906
Altoona, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1902
Andersons Station, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1865
Baileys Station, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1895
Beaver Falls, PA Train Wreck, Apr 1891
Bellwood, PA Train Accident, Jun 1891
Bethlehem, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1926
Blairsville, PA Passenger Trains Collide, June 1926
Blairsville, PA Trolley Car Accident, Jan 1896
Blairsville, PA Trolley Car Accident, Jul 1910
Boliver, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1907
Braddock, PA Locomotive Explosion, Apr 1904
Braddock, PA Train Accident, Feb 1904
Braddock, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1895
Bradenville, PA Train Accident, Oct 1907
Bryn Athyn, PA Paper Mill Station Train Wreck, Dec 1921
Bryn Athyn, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1921
Camp Hill, PA Train Wreck, Jul 1856
Carbondale, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1890
Carnegie, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1900
Chester, PA Train Accident, May 1896
Childs Station, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1913
Columbia, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Jul 1855
Columbia, PA Train Accident, Jan 1866
Columbia, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1857
Connellsville, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1912
Connellsville, PA Train Accident, Feb 1913
Connellsville, PA Train Accident, Oct 1907
Derry, PA Train Accident, Mar 1907
Derry, PA Train Accident, Sept 1895
Easton, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Feb 1907
Easton, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1895
Easton, PA Trolley Car Accident, May 1902
Easton, PA Trolley Wreck, Feb 1907
Eddystone, PA Train Accident, Aug 1915
Exeter, PA Train Wreck, May 1899
Fairhope, PA Train Accident, Jan 1909
Fort Washington, PA Railroad Collision, June 1892
Frackville, PA Train Accident, Aug 1915
Gallitzin, PA Train Accident, Mar 1909
Gap Station, PA Train Accident, Sept 1860
Glen Loch, PA Train Derails On "Sagging" Bridge, Dec 1912
Glencoe, PA Train Derails Rounding Curve, Jan 1902
Goldsboro, PA Train Accident, Jan 1908
Gray's Ferry, PA Train Collision, Dec 1900
Greenville, PA Passenger Train Wrecked, Feb 1901
Greenville, PA Train Accident, Dec 1897
Harrisburg, PA Train Accident, May 1857
Harrisburg, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1857
Hazleton, PA Train Wreck into Coal Mine, Jan 1896
Hestonville, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1856
Holesburg Junction, PA Struck by Train While Picking Up Cigar, Jan 1912
Huntingdon, PA Train Wreck, Mar 1888
Huttons Station, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1858
Irwin, PA Train Accident, Jan 1895
Jenkintown, PA Train Accident, Aug 1905
Kobeen, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1912
Lancaster, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1865
Latrobe, PA Train Accident, Feb 1903
Lebanon, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1890
Leesport, PA Train Accident, Jul 1898
Ligonier, PA Train Wreck, Jul 1912
Ligonier, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1900
Longfellow, PA Fatal PRR Train Wreck, Jan 1903
Mahanoy City, PA Train Accident, Aug 1915
Mast Hope, PA Train Wreck, Apr 1867
Mauch Chunk, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1860
Mauch Chunk, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1890
Middletown, PA Train Accident, Feb 1912
Milton, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1945
Montandon, PA Train Wreck, Jan 1908
Mt Union, PA Train Wreck, Mar 1917
Mud Run, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1888
New Cumberland, PA Train - Cow Wreck, Sept 1855
New Cumberland, PA Train Wreck, Jan 1857
New Florence, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1907
Newport, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1895
Northeast, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1909
Paoli, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1905
Pattons Station, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1892
Perkiomen, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1907
Philadelphia, PA Engineer Dead at Throttle, Feb 1907
Philadelphia, PA Train Accident, Jul 1898
Philadelphia, PA Train and Auto Wrecks, Feb 1943
Philadelphia, PA Train and Trolley Accidents, Jul 1898
Philadelphia, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1918
Philadelphia, PA Trolley Accident, Dec 1917
Philadelphia, PA Trolley Car - Wagon Wreck, Jul 1908
Philadelphia, PA Trolley Car Wreck, Aug 1915
Pittsburg, PA Street Car Wreck, Jul 1897
Pittsburgh, PA Interurban Wreck, Feb 1907
Pittsburgh, PA Trolley Accident, Feb 1896
Pittsburgh, PA Trolley Car Wreck, Apr 1909
Pittsburgh, PA Trolley Car Wreck, Jan 1902
Portage, PA Train Wreck, Jul 1903
Pottstown, PA Train - Automobile Wreck, Oct 1907
Rankin, PA Street Car Derailment, Jan 1904
Rasselas, PA Railroad Accident, July 1883
Reading, PA Train Accident, May 1863
Reading, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1890
Roaring Branch, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1901
Rock Point, PA Train Wreck, Apr 1891
Rockwood, PA Trains Collide, May 1902
Round Bottom, PA Train Collision, Feb 1902
Sand Hollow, PA Three Train Collision, Jan 1902
Scranton, PA Lackawanna Station Train Accident, Sept 1897
Scranton, PA Locomotive Explosion, Oct 1859
Shamokin, PA Train Wreck and Explosion, Aug 1896
Shamokin, PA Trolley Wreck, Aug 1906
Shoemakersville, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1890
Slate Run, PA Train Accident, May 1902
Slatington, PA Train Accident, Aug 1915
Sonestown, PA Engine Wrecks On Passenger Train, Feb 1904
South Bethlehem, PA Train Accident, Aug 1915
Stambaugh, PA Train Accident, Jun 1892
Sugar Notch, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1889
Tamanend, PA Train Collision, Oct. 1888
Tamaqua, PA Train Wreck, May 1899
Thompsontown, PA Train Accident, Jan 1904
Torbetts, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1900
Tyrone, PA Train Accident, Aug 1906
Valencia, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1896
Washington, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1901
West Philadelphia, PA Train Wreck, Mar 1858
Wickliffe, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1893
Wilmerding, PA Train Accident, Aug 1906
Wyoming, PA Mt Lookout Mine Accident, Jul 1898
York Haven, PA Train Accident, Jan 1908

More Pennsylvania Disasters

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Leisenring, Pennsylvania Frick Coal Mine Accident Feb 1913

Read about the accident

Killed: John McIntyre, John Slokus

Mentioned: J. L. Stader, H. J. Bell, Mrs. Patrick Kelly, Mrs. Thomas Morgan, Mrs. John Humpage, J. E. Struble, Michael Bell, William Hennesay

More PA Mining Accidents
Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Susquehanna Coal Company Mine Accident Sept 1898

Read about the accident

Killed: John Shannon, John Jones, George Morgan

More PA Mining Accidents

Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

Mather, Pennsylvania Mather Colliers Company Mine Explosion May 1928

Read about the mine explosion

Killed: (List compiled from several newspaper article lists, there may be duplicate names on this list with different variations of either the first or last name.)

Adam Yockopovich
Albert Davis
Albert Newlen
Albert Silles
Albert Stiles
Alfred Davis
Alfred Reynolds
Andy Schnerman
Andy Yockopovich
Archie Stewart
Charles Bigam
Charles Medlock
Charles Shedlock
Charles Walter
Clarence Radish
Cyril Garvy (or Gay)
Edward Reed
Field Whitney
Floyd Morein
Floyd Morrison
Frank Roby
Fred Kregar
G. F. Pearson
G. G. Pierson
George Erwin
George Urmen
Harry Newlen
James Collins
James Pullman
James Raton
James Taylor
James Tullean
Joe Harbaugh
Joe Stiles
Joe Taylor
Joesph Collins
John Flowers
John Krajir
John Krovats
John Kurpuyka
John Marnie
John Marsic
John R. Fischer
John Sande
John Saxton
John Spinks
Joseph Easton
Joseph Malar
Joseph Pentiman
Joseph Stiles
Leroy Eaton
Leroy Shfuke
Matt Evans
Matt Evantly
Paul Sparks
Paul Stameko
Pete Fidl
Pete Ronsenick
Peter Rausach
Peter Seda
Roman Stychezyn (Stycyczys or Styehezyn)
Steve Habanak
Steve Jones
Thomas Tentlman
Tom Callahan
Walter Schoenberger (or Shoenberger)
William Bunseath (or Bunsheath)
William Butler
William Graves
William Jacks
William Smith (or Smitish)
Winfield Wiehl
Seven unknown men

More PA Mine Disasters
Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

Plymouth, Pennsylvania Avondale Mine Disaster Sept 1869

Read about the mine disaster

Allen, William,
Allibach, Addison,
Bowen, John,
Bowen, William,
Bryant, Elijah,
Burke, Patrick,
Burtch, John,
Burtch, John Jr.,
Clark, John,
Conklin, Peter,
Daly, Michael,
Davis, John R.,
Davis, John,
Davis, Lewis,
Davis, Thomas,
Davis, William,
Dowdle, William,
Edwards, Daniel
Edwards, E.W.,
Evans, John D.,
Evans, Matthew,
Evans, William J.,
Evans, William R.,
Evans, William,
Evans, William,
Evans, William,
Fear, Charles,
Frothingham, Andrew,
Gilroy, Hugh,
Givens, David,
Guyter, Darrius,
Harding, William,
Harris, John,
Haskins, James,
Hatton, Thomas,
Hatton, Willie,
Howells, Shem,
Hughes, Evan,
Hughes, Evan,
Hughes, John,
Hughes, Thomas,
James, David,
Jenkins, John,
Johnson, Dave,
Johnson, Peter,
Jones, Daniel,
Jones, Edwin,
Jones, Roland,
Jones, T. E.,
Jones, Thomas,
Jones, William D.,
Jones, William D.,
Lewellyn, Reese,
Lewellyn, Thomas,
Lewis, William,
Lunday, Reese,
Maher, John,
Mallon, James,
McGurick, Patrick,
Morgan, Samuel R.,
Morgan, William T.,
Morris, Henry
Morris, Joseph,
Morris, Thomas,
Moses, William,
Mosier, Matthew,
Murray, James
Owen, Edward,
Owens, Richard,
Phillips, Thomas,
Porfit, William,
Powell, James,
Powell, James,
Powell, John,
Powell, William,
Pryor, D. P.,
Reece, William,
Rees, Evan,
Rees, William,
Reese, D. S.,
Reese, David Jr.,
Roberts, Griffith,
Roberts, Thomas,
Roberty, John,
Ruth, John,
Ryan, Thomas,
Sink, William,
Slocum, Dennis,
Smith, Henry,
Spick, William,
Stackhouse, George,
Steele, Palmer,
Taylor, Edward,
Thomas, David,
Thomas, John,
Thomas, John
Watkins, Morgan,
Wildrich, William,
Williams, James,
Williams, W. N.,
Williams, W. T.,
Williams, William T.,
Williams, William,
Williams, William,
Wood, Daniel,
Woolley, Richard,
Unknown Man

More PA Mine Disasters
Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

Plymouth, Pennsylvania Nottingham Mine Accident Jan 1890

Read about the mine accident

Seriously injured: Thomas Richards

5 men rescued uninjured, name not given

Rescuers: John D. Hampsheefs, John Richards

More PA Mine Accidents
Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

New Kensington, Pennsylvania Mine Explosion Feb 1913

Read about the mine explosion

Fatally Injured: H. G. Kinlock, John O'Brian

Injured: Daniel Sharp, John Ochurer

More PA Mine Disasters
Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

Ashley, Pennsylvania Baltimore No. 4 Mine Explosion May 1890 - updated

Read the article about the explosion

Killed: Ellis D. Williams, Harry Parry, Owen Parry, Thomas C. Davis, John Scally, Michael Scally, Daniel Sullivan, John Hanson, John Allen, Robert W. Roberts, Harry Jones, Robert Prichard, Anthony Froyne, John James, John Williams, Jonathan Williams, Richard Jones, W. Edwards, Thomas J. Williams, Thomas Clauss, Owen Williams, John Hempsey, two Hungarians named Buts or Guss

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Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

Jeansville, Pennsylvania Mine Disaster Feb 1891

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Killed: Bernard McCloskey, Patrick Kelley, James Ward, Laurence Reed, Edward Gallagher, Samuel Porter, James Griffiths, Harry Hall, Waril Frinko, Joseph Matuscowitz, John Tomasoski; Thomas Jake; John Burns; James Balacki; Michael Mith; Mike Palashalt and one unknown man

Survived: William Breslin, John Watkins, John Morgan, Charles Boyle, John Nolins, Patrick Colt

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Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

Braddock, Pennsylvania Edgar Thompson Steel Works Explosion Aug 1895

Read about the explosion in Furnace H

Killed: John Grengo, Joseph Luckni, John Prokopovic, Stephen Havlin, John Mika, Joseph Csop, Andrew Drobuah, Mike Kafines

Injured: James Harrison, others

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West Newton, Pennsylvania Sweet Cake Mine Explosion Mar 1896

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Killed: Alexander McDonald, Willis (or Will E.) Davis

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Beech Tree, Pennsylvania Train Wreck Oct 1890

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Killed: Engineer Casey and Brakeman Laird

Injured: Conductor Crawford and Fireman Fitzpatrick

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Easton, Pennsylvania Train Wreck Feb 1907

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Injured: H. Seaton, Charles Cozsins, Miss M. E. Colamau, Negro porter

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Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Train Wreck Mar 1876

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Killed: John Keister

Escaped injury: James Drake, Adam Kaufman

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New Florence, Pennsylvania Train Wreck Nov 1890

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Killed – Henry D. Minott, Mrs. S. H. Angel

Injured – Mr. Weihle, Mrs. R. R. Weihle, R. S. Delaney and wife, J. F. Matthea, J. H. Halman, William Rockster, C. C. Hicks, Mrs. M. B. Kellogg, J. H. Hill, Mr. Miller.

Escaped injury: F. A. Parrish, Mrs. M. Welfare

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Events That Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives

Dunbar, Pennsylvania Mine Explosion June 1890

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Killed: Joseph Brigner, Richard Brigner; Milt Forney, Barney Moss; Peter Egan, Robert McGuill; Martin Cavener; John Cope, Andy Cope, Pat Devlin, John Dehanney, John Joy, John Dehanney, David Davis, Thomas Davis, Pat Cahill, William Cahill; Pat Courtney, John Courtney, Jack Mitchell, Dan South, James Shearn; Danny Shearn; David Hayes, William Hayes, James McCleary, Thomas McCleary, Elmer Dewey; Joseph Bigley, Barney Maust, Emanuel Maust; Pat Courtney, George Courtney, John Mitchell.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Marianna, Pennsylvania Mine Explosion Nov 1908

Marianna, Pennsylvania Mine Explosion Nov 1908

Killed: Mike Slovinsho, Charles Tahaney, Frank Tebery, John Tedroff, Frank Egon, George Ackers, John Joedsky, John Donesty, Alec Toorse, Richard Ciatt, Sam Samtum, George Lannoss, Bunerain Asrey, Arthur Hagan, James J. Roule, Andy Kubacki, Timothy Rule, Milt Eckenroad (or Eckenrode), John J. Ivill, Owen Burns, William Hopkins, Charles Tehaney, John Beadling, Alex. Smith, Robert Spence, William Spence, Jake Sizmiki; Walter Eckenroad, Samuel Sifton, Joshua Madison, John Federal; George Tamalin; Charles France, George Reno; Ira Lanndean; Richard Piatt, William Platt, Francis Ferguson, John Zoskelicki, Morris Rodier, Joe Holmes, Mike Novenski, Peter Arnold, Mike Vale, John Melozoski, Martin Stowaiga, George Aikens, Senior Lee, Joe Folia, Augustus Silvestus, Thomas McDine, Albert Smarta; John Zallnickik, Steven Bernardney, John Evans, Robert Crawford, Charles Austin, Jr., Allen Burlock, Mike Evanns, Alex. Behanna, William Thomas, Mike Morris, Mike Stevens, John Epinnichec, Mike Stantobick, Joe Sarkichika, Phil Trsaska, Valentine Plasteuak, Harry Miller, Alfred Mackin, Arthur Beeves, John Jacogika, Peter Hagas, Alex Borish, Charles Durblin, John Grina, Philip Bruno, William Drenier, John Matoske, James Henderson, Domenick Quagliero, Frank Teberry, Mike Lapine, Patrick Donlin, Buezanna Afrey, Alex. Bosiwich (or Bosewitch), Eigant Uszana, George Keeker, Peter Reinoelty, Joe Greisinger, Frank Ledoff, Steven Selakovic, James Joaaf, and many unidentified men.

Missing: Clarence Williams, Edward Freyoenet, John and Seward Bennington, Allen Bolilock, Ted Miller, John Holmes, James Rule and two sons, Trevor Williams

Survived: Fred Ellinger

Mentioned: Henry Louttit, Joseph Kerr, John H. Jones, Burgess Marsh, W. H. Roderick, Coroner W. H. Sipe, C. W. McCollough

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Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

York High School, York, PA 1953 Football Team

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In the photograph: Richard Fahringer, Thomas Gilbert, McKever Moore, Kenneth Springer, Donald Hawn, Robert Faust, Rodger Goodling, John Sexton, Garry Klinefelter, Thomas Montouth, William McCabe, James Breyer, George Falvey, Dr. George Lentz, Mike Bolding, Kenneth Link, Richard Bates, Russell Weiser, Arthur Bair, Wilmot Banks, John Watkins, Raymond Ritter, Harvey Bortner, Newton Brown, Donald Erney, Donald Danley, Red Witmer, Eddie Waleski, Kenneth Ehrman, Dan Hendrickson, John Yawkey, Thomas Shue, Russell Decker, Garry Paules, Llewellyn Klinedinst, Thomas Kuhn, Gerald Thomas, Ronald Grove, Dewain Eichelberger, Kenneth Steigleman, Richard Harshberger, Fred Foller, James Graybill, Eddie Allison

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Pennsylvania Land Owner Maps - online!

Pennsylvania Land Owner Atlas are now on line! 71 of them from Adams, Allegheny, Armstrong, to Warren, Washington, Wayne and York. These maps are part of a collection of 1200 U. S. County Land Ownership Atlases maps ranging from 1864-1918, across 34 states that were just added at

Each of the county map books detail the township, town and village showing the location of each landowner's property.

Your great-great grandfather's name may be on one of these maps! Up until now, for the most part, viewing these maps meant a trip to the county's historical society and with a magnifying glass pouring over the hundreds of names printed in small type for each township. The online digitizing of this collection is a tremendous genealogy aid. Not only are the maps online - they are searchable! And, you can zoom in 200%. Within minutes of searching the maps, I found ancestors that I had given up looking for!

The 24/7 Ancestry Family Circle had an excellent suggestion for plugging the township maps into Google Earth and actually seeing what your ancestors' property looks like today!

View the U. S. County Landowner Maps

Shown above is a section of Fairview Township from the 1873 Mercer County, PA Atlas, one of the map sets in the collection. This image was scanned from a hard copy of the maps and is not an image from the online collection.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lots of History... But No Lunch

The Youngwood Historical Museum, located in the historic old railroad building built in 1902, thought a cafe might be a way to revitalize interest in the museum. The permit was turned down. The museum has been open by appointment only since a scandal rocked its board in 2004.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, PA Class of 1917

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The Class of 1917 photographed on Nov. 21, 1913 when they were freshmen.

Class Roll (and probably in the photograph): Morville Ashton, Elmer Beale, Wilbert Beechy, Howard Bink, Mark Bishop, Robert Boden, George Bookhultz, Vance Boyd, William Boyson, John Braunlein, Willis Brenneman, Clifford Campbell, James Cannen, Raymond Carlson, Arthur Clemens, D. Clifton Daugherty, Charles Diller, James Duffy Jr., C. William Duncan, George Eckman, John Embich, Charles Fager, J. Russel Fink, Robert Flenner, Robert Foote, John Geiser, David Glatfelter, Frank Glatfelter, Rudolph Gleichman, Chester Hollenbeck, Ralph Hankey, James Hatch, Clarence Hershey, Raymond Hesson, George Hixon, Paul Horick, Myron Huff, Robert Keener, Joseph Kendelhart, Jacob Kremer, J. Warren Kuhlman, Otto Kunkle, Chester Kurtz, Norman Kunkle, Edmund Lakin, Robert Lang, Paul Laudenslager, George McIntyre, Wallace McMabb, Clarence Markel, Harry Matz, David Maxwell, Leon Mead, Charles Miller, Luther Miller, Harold Millin, Samuel Newcomer, Adam Orris, Clyde Orris, William Peters, Alexander Ringler, Lawrence Rost, J. Carrol Rupp, Harry Ruth, Lloyd Schaffer, Roger Shearer, George Schillinger, Fredrick Schwartz, Mayone Sheads, Paul Shenberger, C. Morris Sincell, Luther Slifer, Earl Smeich, John Snyder, Alton Snyder, Raymond Sorrick, J. Claire Sowers, Lauran Sowers, John Spangler Jr. C. Edwin Springhorn, John Steacy, Paul Stermer, Henry Starr, Minerva Taughinbaugh, Thomas Thrasher, Charles Venable, H. Theophil Weishaar, Park Wertz, Jacob Wierman, Frank Williams, Ira Williams, Albert Zeilinger.

Marie Bentz, Minnie Bortner, Minerva Taughinbaugh, Mary Watson, and I. Dorothy Zane are listed on the class roll, but are not in the photograph, which appears to be only male members of the class.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hickory High School, Hickory, PA 1944 Basketball Team Photo

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In the photograph: Joe Duich, Jim Kilgore, Joe Molasky, Bill Brown, R. Buchanan, Jack Dillinger, Joe Grodecki, Gene Smith, Hugh Buchanan, Frank Rust, Delmar Robb, Aulton Gibson, Bill Fair, Mr. William Ritter.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Union City High School, Union City, PA Freshmen Class 1932 Photo

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The Class of 1935 when they were freshmen.

Class roster: Frances Aiken, Ellen Bauer, Helen Bloss, Virginia Brumagin, Neva Babcock, Gwendolyn Braley, Neal Bisbee, Walter Beezub, J. Earle Bliley, Elizabeth Clark, Harley Comstock, Sidney Carlburg, Katherine Chunderlek, Donald Conway, Jeanne Dyne, Lewis Dewey, John Dubosky, Madalyn Eldred, Lewis Everett, Leona Flick, Reed Fitch, Lynn Gates, Merle Genung, Catherine Goleniowski, Dorothy Goodwill, Martha Gosnell, Edward Graves, Russell Graves, Harold Hewitt, Ethel Hinkson, Orval Hatch, Hazel Hinkley, Olga Honosky, Leslie Hutchinson, Bert Johnson, Nyle King, Mildred Kingman, Winifred Laughery, Russell Lord, Alice Lilley, Autumn Lyons, Mary Mallick, Charles Marvin, Jessie McIntyre, Lillian Miller, Alek Malyuk, Ronald Messinger, Norman Merrill, Prudence Mineo, William Nelson, Mona Peard, Jack Perkins, Verne Post, Wilda Proper, Harry Price, Dell Range, Jane Roberts, Wayne Robinson, Ruth Rust, Alma Rafferty, Meredyth Sargent, Daniel Sayers, Mary Siverling, George Shreve, Gerald Shreve, Hugh Shepherd, Dorothy Shreve, Jack Skerba, Mae Smith, Esther Stevenson, Edith Strong, Harold Thomas, Kathleen Toner, Robert Toner, Woodrow VanCourt, Rachel Ward, Frederick Waters, Farren Willey, Louise Wise, Bernard Wellmon.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Southmont High School, Johnstown, PA 1939-40 Basketball Team Photo

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In the photograph: Fred Horvath, Donald Esaias, Richard Green, Deane Mangus, Silvio Landino, Fred Glosser, Fred Waterman, Francis Kohler, Charles Moonly, Wallace McGough, Richard Ross, Robert Rose, Robert O'Donnell, Raymond McGeever, James Cameron, William Hargreaves, Robert Shumacker, William Cartensen, Charles Apt, Richard Haberlein, Jack Maxwell, James Coltrin, Franklin Bennett, Charles Gallucci, Hayes Beck, Chester Upton, Mr. Arthur Steele, Mr. Willam Snowden, Telford Williams, Clarence Geisel, William Lyman, Boynton Nevling

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Jenkintown Junior High School, Jenkintown, PA Students 1926 Photo

The future classes of 1930 and 1931 when they were in junior high. View the photograph

Eighth Grade - William Ashman, Richard Baker, George Benzon, Dorothy Bretz, Alfred Burnner, Dorothy Butler, Ruth Butler, Francis Clark, Mary Clay, Hugo Evangelist, Byron Garis, William George, William Haas, Elaine Honeyford, Thomas Huhn, Mildred Lee, Thomas Liggett, George MacFarland, Charles Marlin, Clement McCalla, Leon Merz, Henry Miller, Edward Niederer, Gertrude Nyce, John Prest, Harry Pritchard, Thompson Redding, John Robert Reid, Florence Roberts, Naomi Roberts, James Robinson, Ellison Ruby, John Shaw, James Sherer, Leroy Shisler, Eugene Shloss, Nathan Stein, Amasa Stone, Josephine Walter.

Seventh Grade - Mathilda Albagli, Jack Angeny, Frances Boer, Betty Baker, William Bickley, Franklin Bleacher, Ernest Braun, Blanche Cannon, Leroy Comly, Madeline Cottman, Gertrude Covert, Rebecca Croll, Ruth Dutton, Ethel Edwards, Edward Ferguson, Louise Flower, Lillian George, Michael Graybill, Catherine Hamilton, Andrew Harvey, Ernest Hedler, Alvin Honeyford, Margaret Jensen, Theodore Johnson, Laura Kinstrey, Frank Lachman, Kirk Liggett, Charles Miller, Elmer Miller, John Montgomery, Wilhelmine McKnight, Margaret Meally, Margaret Moore, Mary Panaccion, Herbert Peters, Elsie Rickert, Florence Robinson, Blair Scott, Haven Scott, Frances Slotter, George Steele, Thomas Tilley, Lavette Vest, Mary Wakefield, Evelyn Washington, Ruth Weinstein, Clara West, Edward Wilson, Henrietta Wilson.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Apollo High School, Apollo, PA 1928-29 Basketball Team Photo

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In the photograph: Sam Gallagher - manager, Robert Sloan, Stanley Scott, Leland Householder, William Willis, Harry Pollock, Donald Muffley, Howard Householder, Jack Russell, William Jackson, George Smith, Joe Black - coach.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

100 Years of Flax Scutching in Westmoreland County

STAHSLSTOWN, Pa. --One western Pennsylvania community group is trying to remind a society that flax scutching existed long before anyone slept on designer sheets.

The Stahlstown Flax Scutching Festival will celebrate the lost art of turning flax plants into linen threads and cloth during its 100th anniversary festival on Sept. 8-9.

The festival has been celebrated annually in Westmoreland County every year except for 1943 through 1947.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Erie High School, Erie, PA 1917 Football Team Photo

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In the photograph: Chauncey Cook, John Sullivan, Victor Wright, Thomas O'Dea, Everett William Benson, Mr. William E. Dimorier - faculty advisor, Arthur W. Turner, Charles Hooper - manager, Clyde Shaner, James Devine, Robert Hamilton, Louis McMahon, Max Schoenfield, D. G. Evans - asst coach & trainer, Theodore Nagle, William Hamilton, John Fries

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