Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Southmont High School, Johnstown, PA 1939-40 Basketball Team Photo

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In the photograph: Fred Horvath, Donald Esaias, Richard Green, Deane Mangus, Silvio Landino, Fred Glosser, Fred Waterman, Francis Kohler, Charles Moonly, Wallace McGough, Richard Ross, Robert Rose, Robert O'Donnell, Raymond McGeever, James Cameron, William Hargreaves, Robert Shumacker, William Cartensen, Charles Apt, Richard Haberlein, Jack Maxwell, James Coltrin, Franklin Bennett, Charles Gallucci, Hayes Beck, Chester Upton, Mr. Arthur Steele, Mr. Willam Snowden, Telford Williams, Clarence Geisel, William Lyman, Boynton Nevling

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