Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pennsylvania Train Wrecks, Explosions and other disasters - on line

Pennsylvania Disaster Articles - just added at - Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives

Carmichaels, PA Robena Coal Mine Explosion, Dec 1962
Charleroi, PA Area Auto Accidents, Aug 1960
Clymer, PA "Sample Run" Mine Disastrous Explosion, Aug 1926
Courtney, PA Cincinnati Mine Explosion, Apr 1913
Five Points, PA Dreadful Mining Accident, Aug 1855
Gettysburg, PA Area Storm, Jan 1939
Johnstown, PA Commuter Plane Crashes On Landing, Jan 1974
Kensington, PA Boating Accident, July 1880
Knoxville, PA Street Car Wreck, Dec 1917
Media, PA Fatal Cigar Smoking Accident, Dec 1909
Myerstown, PA Troop Train Rams Freight Train, Jan 1946
Near Allentown, PA Under-Water Blast Kills Diver, July 1960
New Oxford, PA Auto Wreck, Jan 1939
New Smithville, PA Bus Crashes Through Guardrail, July 1970
Northeast Pennylvania Forest Fires, May 1880
Parnassus, PA Valley Camp Coal Company Mine Explosion, Mar 1929
Philadelphia, PA Destructive Tornado, Apr 1856
Philadelphia, PA Fell from Pole, Apr 1896
Pittsburgh, PA Monongahela House Banquet Hall Fire, Apr 1897
Pittsburgh, PA Plane Crashes After Attempted Landing, Mar 1937
Portage, PA Mine Explosion Kills 63 Workers, July 1940
Powys, PA Farm Home Fire Near Williamsport, Jan 1931
Shenandoah, PA mine cave-in, Nov 1938
Spangler, PA Reilly Shaft No. 1 Mine Explosion, Nov 1922
Springville, PA Tornado and Storms In Pennsylvania, July 1871
Various Towns, PA Tornado and Storm Damage, July 1853
Wilkes-Barre, PA Deadly Mine Explosion, Dec 1947

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