Monday, December 29, 2008

Central Pennsylvania Marriages, 1700-1896 Online

Central Pennsylvania Marriages, 1700-1896 on line at World Vital Records. The records are part of a subscription, but you can view them for FREE for the next 10 days.

According to the website the database is

composed of marriage records of Union and Snyder counties, viz.: (1) Union County Marriages, 1795-1829; (2) Rev. G.J. Anspach, Marriages, Union County, 1831-50; (3) Rev. J.P. Shindel, Marriages, Snyder and Union Counties, 1835-87; (4) Rev. A.B. Casper, Marriages, Snyder and Union Counties, 1839-82; and (5) Rev. C.G. Erlenmeyer, Marriages, Snyder County, 1840-75. Other sections of the book include miscellaneous marriage records from other central Pennsylvania counties, 1700-1896. In all, about 15,000 brides and grooms are identified.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sharon High School, Sharon, PA 1923 Football Team

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In the photograph - Dick Booth, Alton Heutsche, Ted Donaldson, Glen Hoelzel, Ralph Goeltz, Trevor Brandt, Jack Martin, Raymond Hodge, Harold Nightwine, Clarence Cox, Lewis Moon, Paul Christman, Carmine Pepe, Earl Wilson and several players whose names are unknown.

Also (probably) Coach - Mr. A. W. Dickerson. Manager -Paul King. Faculty Manager - Mr. J. A. DeFrance.

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Allegheny College, Meadville, PA 1932 Track Team Photo

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In the photograph: Poole, Gregg, Fallon, March, Hasson Rockey, Elliott, Varano, Ish, W. Hershelman, Coach H. Paul Way, Wolfe, Carver, J. Hersehelman, Murray, Vanaman, Marks, Horn, Beighley, Lubic, Coach Daniels, Brown, McBride, Sebring, Smith, Berger, Beiler, Nighan, Shetterley

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Sharpsville High School, Sharpsville PA 1943 Basketball Team

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In the photograph: Coach Johnson, Charles Flynn, William Lally, Paul
Davidson, La Mont, Robert Deal, Thurlo Gill, Russ Wise, John Kehler, Joe
Campbell, Joe McDowell, Dente Bonaquest, William Erme, Joe Sylvester.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Milton, PA High School Girls Basketball Team, 1929

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In the photograph: Gladys Haggy, Betty Hill, Margaret Heinbach, Ruth Deiffenbach, Madeline Sessinger, Marian Bender

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