Monday, December 31, 2007

Lancaster, PA High School Football Team 1968

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In the photograph: Players (and their football number) Sam Minder 76, Mike Fetter 34, Richard Dixon 44, Dave Schmucker 86, Robert Herr 73, Mark Hite 14, Mel Smith 24, Nelson Polite 48, Pat Marion 85, Ron Fleming 36, Doug Dussinger 64, Robert Jones 68, Pat St. Clair 82, Dale Parmer 72, Larry Kindbom 80, George Francos 66, Jim Mentzer 42, Joe Herman 65, Charles Patterson 84, Joe Wysock 32, Scott Wise 52, Richard Keller 58, Bill McKinney 26, Ray Smith 28, Tom Moore 22, Mike Wagner 12, Dwight Ford 30, Coach King, Coach Miller, Coach Kraft, John Metzger 62, Howard Stewart 18, Alexander Godwin 88, Doug Dennison 89, Eugene Jackson 56, Larry Spece 54, Equipment Mgr. Myers, Groundskeeper, Managers Mike Ochs and Barry Ryan.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kellettville, PA Baseball Team Photo

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The names of the ball players are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize some
of them.

The year is unknown - possibly 1910s.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Manheim Township High School, Neffsville, PA Class of 1932

Manheim Township High School, Neffsville, PA Class of 1932

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Class Roster (and probably in the photograph) Glenden Alexander, Mae Binkley, John Corbett, Adrian De Vink, Dorothy Eichelberger, Esther Goldfus, Margaret Goldfus, Marie Hamill, Anne Heinicke, Arthur Hollinger, Durell Hollinger, William Jaynes, Ada Kauffman, Ethel Kreider, Pauline Leaman, William Leonard, Robert Machen, Alberta Mease, Betty Phillips, Melvin Redcay, Dorothy Rothfus, Frances Rutledge, Mary Ruth Sensenig, Eunice Slead, Charles Smith, William Sprenkle, Caroline Zuck

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Pennsylvania Old Photos... online

New Pennsylvania Photos.... online

Eicher, King, Harman Family
William Marsh Price
Tylersville, PA 1927
Thomas Hines
Calvin and Irene Evans
Davis Sisters
Sykesville Baseball Team
Sarah Elizabeth (Wolfgang) Tozier
Margaret Elsie Tozer Walker
Allan Eugene Bell
Peggy Lynn Bell
Leonard Bates Tozer
Sarah Maria (Frantz) Walker and Henry William Walker
Frederick Michael Walker
Christina Zufall
Herbert and Effie Couch
Pauline Rebecca Walker
Old Frostburg School abt 1914
David A. Clabaugh and Mary L. Dunn Clabaugh
Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Pomeroy, PA 1907
James Bestwick Jr.
Mary Huey
St. Joseph's Convent and St. Mary's Church, St. Marys, PA
Towne House Hotel, St Marys, PA
St Marys, PA Methodist Church
Elk County Home, St. Marys, PA
St. Marys High School, St. Marys, PA
Deckards School, Deckards, PA 1908
Delbridge Family
Northwestern Orchestra, Meadville, PA
George Mooers
Unknown Women, Houtzdale, PA
Unknown Man, New Castle, PA
Joseph R. Kline Family
Mansfield State Teachers College, Mansfield, PA Class of 1935
Unveiling the Canon in Lindner Park, Carlisle, PA 1910
Unknown Boy with Trumpet
Juniata College Basketball Team 1908
Deeter School, Sharpsville, PA First Grade
Sharpsville, PA Arcade 1890s
Cecielia Rose Parunti DeJulia
Gaynell Velma Brown Peters
Joseph Alexander Peters
Loreto "Ray" DeJulia 1946
Sandra Stickle, Peggy Peters, Velma Peters, unknown man
Loreto DeJulia and Velma Peters Wedding 1957
Velma Peters DeJulia
Loretto "Ray" DeJulia
Isaac Terwilliger
St Mary's School, Beaver Falls, PA
St Mary's School, Beaver Falls, PA 1916
Rev. Samuel Dexter "S.D. or Dexter" Morris (1815-1887)
Giron Family
Kelly Station, PA School Students 1947
Bessie Jane Maines
Crystal Hotel, Johnstown, PA
First Natonal Bank, Johnstown, PA
Apollo Band July 1911
Northeast High School, Philadelphia, PA 1937 Football Squad
Unknown Woman
Marilyn Ann Chomiak Wertman Wedding Announcement Photo
Walter John Ruffner, Elizabeth Elkin, John Elkin and Margret Elkin Ruffner
Sherman Joshua Ruffner with Margret Elkin Ruffner and Nelson
Sarah Chapman Elkin
Clara and Walter Ruffner with Pearl
McKeesport High School, McKeesport, PA Basketball Team, 1922
Miss McAnlis, Miss Hendrix and Miss Schenck
Byrde Gillman, R. Thomas and L. Roake
Catherine Marie Murphy
W. W. Dodds
Helen Louise Barkemeyer
Annabelle Neemes Crookham and friend
Grace Amelia Weddell
Anna Elizabeth Nill
Martha Roush
Gertrude Hill
Edla Regina Carlson and Ethel Louise Brakeall
Mary Helen Blackburn
Mabel Vivian Holloway and her friends
Dorothy Louise Reiber and her brother
Hamer S. Fleming and his dog
Charles Anton Gustafson
Elizabeth Lamond "Betty" McIlroy
Prudence Hammond Mosley
Benjamin Mosley
James Blaine Kelley and Velma Mae Kiser Kelley
Arcangela Perri Fazio with Joseph John and Louis Anthony Cucinotta
Guiseppe Joseph Cucinotta and Natale Cucinotta
Antonio Cucinotta and Paolina Mondello
Bob Collier
Armstrong - Collier, Oil City, PA
Barbara and Bob Collier 1959
Armstrong Collier, Inc, Oil City, PA
Drebert Children (3 photos)
Curtin School, McKees Rocks, PA 1921
Children of Thomas and Anna Salome Hess Patterson
Flora Wellings Atkins and an unknown woman
Elizabeth Danko Pavlik and Harry Pavlik
John and Helen Danko Vohar with Mary Kuchtjak and family
Service United Presbyterian Church, Aliquippa, PA
Warren Painter and Friends
Fredonia National Bank, Fredonia PA 1908
Sandy Lake High School, Sandy Lake, PA Seniors 1927-28
Rockdale School, Crawford Co., PA 1930-31
Hattie K Magill Hughes and Herbert Ray
Uncle Ralph
Uncle Clem
George Smith
Robert John Holt, Esther Bell Holt and a group of people
Ellen Brooks - possibly
Ellen Brooks and the Skiles Family - possibly
Frances O. R. Benjamin
Frances O. R. Benjamin headstone
Unknown Woman
Unknown Men
Unknown Man and Child
Unknown Woman
Unknown Ladies - Graduation Photo (shown above)
Unknown Woman
Unknown Man
Unknown Woman
Unknown Woman
Unknown Soldier
Harriett Ellen Patterson Greer
James Lyons Greer
James William Orr and Louisa Rowe Dietrich Orr and family
Ostrum Family 1960
J. Fred Ostrum family 1946
Unknown Girls outside the Riddle Brother Restaurant, Franklin, PA
Russell Edwin Henery
Mary Dora Gray Carlson
Marcus, Arthur and Della Heberling Henery
Lena Tost Baldauf
Laura Esther Wheeler Bowser
Dr. Ira David Bowser
Dr. Ira David Bowser's Office and Home, Reynoldsville PA
George and Mary Lyons Heberling
Family of Emma Lyons
Edward Carlson
David and Flora Ruddock Carlson
Cora Mabel Heberling Henery
Beulah Mae Henery
Edward Carlson and Sons
Alma, Mary, Sarah, and Martha Bowser
Family of Alice Heberling Tapper
Addison H Bowser MD
Annie Ludwig Tost
Samuel Price Weaver Jr

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unveiling the Canon at Carlisle, PA

Unveiling the Canon at Lindner Park, at Carlisle, PA Oct 18, 1910
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Juniata College Baseball Team 1908 Photo

Juniata College Basketball Team 1908

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The names of the players are unknown. You might recognize some of them.

More Pennsylvania Old Photos

Friday, December 14, 2007

Deeter School, Sharpsville, PA First Graders

The names of the students and the year are unknown - maybe you'll recognize some of them or have an idea of what year this might be.

The Derrick, 1954-1977

Past issues of the The Derrick, the newspaper for Oil City, Franklin, and Clarion newspaper are now on line at Created from microfilm copies, the newspaper is searchable or you can browse each issue page-by-page.

Search the newspapers

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mansfield State Teachers College, Mansfield, PA Class of 1935 Photo

The Class of 1935 photographed when they were Sophomores in 1933

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In the photo: Billings, Hill, Learn, Major, Swan, Straughn, Kieffer, Stuyvesant, Sensinger, Richards, English, Hymes, Titus, Hildebrandt, Heath, Renninger, Youmans, Curren, Dildine, Reed, Roberts, Dimock, Van Dine, Kim, Shulman, Schulman, Kuhlman, Kaly, Harris, Snyder, Rubendall, Rubendahl, Clark, Sharp, Sharpe, Harrison, Evans, Melson, Hamblin, Hamlin, Looney, Lennox, Lenox, Nordstrom, Ziefle, Oliver, Edwards, Hendricks, Lunn, Haverly, Sanial, Sullivan, Stevens, Enck, Reynolds, Hildebrand

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

McKeesport High School, McKeesport, PA 1922 Varsity Basketball Team

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In the photograph: Leland N. Dennen, Ralph James McAllister, John A. Hayes, Herbert Horne, James Boax, James Sharpe - Capt; Henry Ludwick Jr., Thomas? Baird, Frank Peters - Manager; Clyde C. Elder, Hamer S. (or Hartman) Fleming, Jaycox, Nelson R. Korb - Coach, Paul W. McAllister

Allegheny County in 1908

Norm Meinert has added a couple of Allegheny County Books to his website at

In and About Allegheny, published in 1908, lots of great photos!


Pittsburgh in Ye Olden Time, A Souvenir of the Sesqui-centennial, 1858-1908

Great site Norm! And, thanks to anonymous for the contributing the books to go on line for everyone to see.