Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pennsylvania Mine Accidents and Explosions

Pennsylvania Mine Accidents and Explosions - just added at

Bittner, PA Mine Accident, Feb 1913
Bolivar, PA Mine Accident, Dec 1907
Brownsville, PA Briar Hill Coal Co Mine Accident, Jan 1904
Chambersville, PA Mine Accidents, Feb 1910
Connellsville, PA Mine Accident, Apr 1895
Coral, PA Mine Accident, Feb 1910
DuBois, PA Berwind-White Mine Explosion, Mar 1896
DuBois, PA Mine Cave In, Mar 1936
Dunbar, PA Colvin Mine Fire, Oct 1884
Emeigh Run, PA Cherrytree Coal Co Fire, May 1909
Fayette, PA Mine Explosion, Apr. 1913
Finleyville, PA Mine Explosion, Apr 1913
Footedale, PA Mine Accident, Jun 1901
Foustwell, PA Bermind-White Coal Mine Flood, Apr 1907
Hamtown, PA Abandoned Mine and Town Cave In, Mar 1902
Hazleton, PA Train Wreck into Coal Mine, Jan 1896
Homestead, PA Coal Crusher Explosion, April 1913
Johnstown, PA Mine Catastrophe, Jul 1902
Leisenring, PA Frick Coal Mine Accident, Jun 1901
Mahanoy City, PA Maple Hill Colliery Explosion, Feb 1904
Mahanoy City, PA Mine Accident, Aug 1915
Mahanoy City, PA Morea Mine Cave In, Aug 1915
Maple Hill, PA Mine Accident, Mar 1915
McIntyre, PA Kent Coal Mine Explosion, Jun 1941
Mount Pleasant, PA Mammouth Mine Disasters, Jan 1891
New Kensington, PA Valley Camp Mine Explosion, Feb 1913
North Mahanoy, PA Mine Accident, Dec 1915
Pittsburgh, PA Naomi Mine Accident, May 1923
Plymouth, PA Gaylord Mine Accident, Jun 1889
Renton, PA Mine Explosion, Jul 1920
Renton, PA Union Collieries Mine Explosion, Jul 1920
Scottsdale, PA Frick Coke Co Mine Explosion, Jan 1891
Scranton, PA Fairlawn Colliery Mine Fire, Aug 1886
Scranton, PA Jermyn Breaker Fire, May 1907
Shamokin, PA Richards Mine Accident, Jul 1898
Shenandoah, PA Bast Colliery Accident, Aug 1915
Suffolk, PA Mine Accident, Aug 1915
Tamaqua, PA Mine Accident, Feb 1858
Tower City, PA East Brookside Colliery Mine Explosion, Aug 1913
Uniontown, PA Continental Mine Accident, Jun 1901
West Conshochocken, PA Mine Fire, May 1902
Wilkes Barre, PA Gas Explosion In Mine, Oct 1901
Wilkes-Barre, PA Coal Mine Fire, Aug 1869
Wilkes-Barre, PA Nottingham Mines Explosion, Jun 1915
Wyoming, PA Mt Lookout Mine Accident, Jul 1898

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