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Pennsylvania Train Wreck, Mine Accident, Fire and other disaster articles -- just added

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Lackawanna County, PA Houses Damaged by Mine Cave Ins, Aug 1921
Mahanoy City, PA Stanton Mine Gas Explosion, Aug 1915
Wadesville, PA Mining Accident, Aug 1915
Lansford, PA Mine Accident, Aug 1915
Pittsburgh, PA Torpedo Company Explosion, Nov 1888
Oil City, PA Fire, May 1866
Zollarsville, PA Saw Accident, Dec 1907
Punxsutawney, PA Drowning, Dec 1907
Philadelphia, PA Sugar Refinery Fire, Jul 1870
Scranton, PA Mine Cave In, Feb 1904
Hazleton, PA Mine Fire, Jan 1893
Philadelphia, PA Heat Wave Kills 5, Jul 1908
Wellsboro, PA Train Plunges Through Trestle, Jan 1890
Springfield, PA Railroad Bridge Collapses Under Train, July 1901
Pittsburgh, PA Railroad Bridge Collapses, Apr 1897
Catasauqua, PA Train Accident, Jul 1881
Mount Joy, PA Fell into Cistern and Drowned, Jul 1881
Lost Creek, PA Football Accident, Aug 1911
Denver, PA Runaway Accident, Aug 1911
Greenville, PA Tornado, Mar 1903
Wellsboro, PA Coles House Hotel Fire, Mar 1906
Wilkes-Barre, PA Empire Colliery Mine Explosion, May 1890
Monongahela, PA Mine Explosion, Jun 1908
Lumber City, PA Mill Fire, Mar 1906
Lilly, PA Dynamite Explosion, Jun 1896
Moyer, PA Powder Explosion, Oct 1889
Berlin, PA Saw Mill Boiler Explosion, Sept 1889
Allegheny, PA Evergreen Hotel Explosion, Jul 1896
Lafayette City, PA Washington Coal Mine Explosion, Jul 1896
Norristown, PA Mine Fire, May 1902
Port Bowkley, PA Wyoming Colliery Mine Explosion, May 1895
Nanticoke, PA Coal Mine Accident, Sept 1897
Winton, PA Powder Explosion, May 1890
Saegertown, PA Trolley Wreck, Jun 1908
Saltsburg, PA Buggy Accident, May 1909
Sharon, PA National Steel Co Furnace Explosion, Aug 1902
Townville, PA Fire, Apr 1895
Sharon, PA Trolley Wreck, Aug 1902
New Castle, PA Scratched by Turtle, Sept 1895
Ralston, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1889
Portage, PA Powder Explosion, Jul 1898
Pittsburgh, PA Steel Works Accident, Sept 1889
Sunbury, PA Train Accident, Aug 1907
Smithfield, PA Tornado, May 1911
Plymouth, PA Coal Mine Accident, Mar 1890
Wilkes-Barre, PA Hillman Vein Mine Accident, Mar 1890
Pittsburgh, PA Storm, Mar 1902
Sunbury, PA Storm, Jan 1889
Philadelphia, PA Steamer City of Trenton Boiler Explosion, Aug 1901
East Athens, PA Barn Fire, Dec 1907
Erie, PA Barrel Factory Fire, Aug 1866
Bolivar, PA Train Accident, Dec 1907
Ohiopyle, PA Train Wreck, May 1907
New Kensington, PA Lightning Strike, Jul 1925
Philadelphia, PA Vega Dress Suit Case Co Fire, Jun 1903
Germantown, PA Horse Accident, May 1870
Woodbury, PA Crushed by Tree, Jan 1908
Harrisburg, PA Trolley - Wagon Wreck, Jan 1908
Sayre, PA Train Accident, Dec 1907
Sunbury, PA Train Accident, Dec 1907
Childs Station, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1913
Blairsville, PA Railroad Accident, Feb 1860
Connellsville, PA Home Gas Explosion, Feb 1913
Curwensville, PA Forest Fire, May 1891
Connellsville, PA Presbyterian Church Fire, Jan 1907
Latrobe, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1889
Pittsburgh, PA Flood, Mar 1936
Prospect Station, PA Train Plunges Off Bridge, Dec 1872
Allentown, PA Storm and Lightning, Jun 1911
Johnstown, PA Lightning Strike, Jun 1911
Mt Carmel, PA Tornado Hits Coal Co Breaker, Jul 1891
Wilmer Station, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1902
Pittsburgh, PA House Gas Explosion, Jan 1893
Industry, PA Firecracker and Powder Explosion, Jul 1890
Schuylkill Haven, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Nov 1892
Sonestown, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1904
Philadelphia, PA Artists Studio Fire, Jan 1903
Greenville, PA Train Wreck, Feb 1901
Erie, PA Presque Isle Drownings, Nov 1887
Mertztown, PA Boiler Explosion, Nov 1890
Mifflinville, PA Bridge Collapse, Dec 1907

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