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Mather, Pennsylvania Mather Colliers Company Mine Explosion May 1928

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Killed: (List compiled from several newspaper article lists, there may be duplicate names on this list with different variations of either the first or last name.)

Adam Yockopovich
Albert Davis
Albert Newlen
Albert Silles
Albert Stiles
Alfred Davis
Alfred Reynolds
Andy Schnerman
Andy Yockopovich
Archie Stewart
Charles Bigam
Charles Medlock
Charles Shedlock
Charles Walter
Clarence Radish
Cyril Garvy (or Gay)
Edward Reed
Field Whitney
Floyd Morein
Floyd Morrison
Frank Roby
Fred Kregar
G. F. Pearson
G. G. Pierson
George Erwin
George Urmen
Harry Newlen
James Collins
James Pullman
James Raton
James Taylor
James Tullean
Joe Harbaugh
Joe Stiles
Joe Taylor
Joesph Collins
John Flowers
John Krajir
John Krovats
John Kurpuyka
John Marnie
John Marsic
John R. Fischer
John Sande
John Saxton
John Spinks
Joseph Easton
Joseph Malar
Joseph Pentiman
Joseph Stiles
Leroy Eaton
Leroy Shfuke
Matt Evans
Matt Evantly
Paul Sparks
Paul Stameko
Pete Fidl
Pete Ronsenick
Peter Rausach
Peter Seda
Roman Stychezyn (Stycyczys or Styehezyn)
Steve Habanak
Steve Jones
Thomas Tentlman
Tom Callahan
Walter Schoenberger (or Shoenberger)
William Bunseath (or Bunsheath)
William Butler
William Graves
William Jacks
William Smith (or Smitish)
Winfield Wiehl
Seven unknown men

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