Thursday, June 22, 2006

York High School, York, PA Class of 1901 photo

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No roster or student listing was given with the photo, but these students listed below were listed in the York High School 1901 Vidette as being seniors in 1901, so probably they are in the photo, as well as other unnamed students.

Alice Crowell, Nellie Dempwolf, Ralph Gardner, Edith B. Gibson, Maurice Gilbert, Mamie Gilbert, Mabel Gise, Oscar Heckert, Mabel Heilman, J. Clifford Hoffman, Edith Johnston, Eliza Kell, Harry Koch, Wilbur L. Lafean, Edward Lentz, Henrietta F. Lenz, Mable McClune, Blanche Mitzel, Mercedes Murphy , Flora Pearse, Jac. C. Reichley, Harriet T. Root, Lena Root, Laura Schwenk, Horace J. Sitler, Charles H. Smith, Mabel Spayd, Ella B. Stewart, Samuel Strickler, Meta Van Baman

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