Friday, August 18, 2006

Early Public Schools in Franklin County, PA

History's Echoes: Early Schools in Greencastle and Antrim
At one time Franklin County hosted approximately 200 buildings operated under the one teacher system for the elementary grades. By 1952, that total was reduced to 25. The first county school superintendent was James McDowell of Greencastle. S.H. Eby Sr. of Greencastle, also served in that post for a number of years.

The first school building on record in Antrim was the Guitner one-room schoolhouse of the ill-fated Enoch Brown tragedy. July 26, 1764 an Indian massacre took the life of Schoolmaster Enoch Brown and 10 of his pupils. The raid was conducted by a group of renegades who were part of the Pontiac Rebellion during the French & Indian War. Archie McCullough was the 11th pupil, he survived but did not truly recover the ordeal or the wounds received. Following the massacre teaching returned, for a time, to the former system of teachers visiting the homes of children as a "circuit" education was offered.
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Photo of Greencastle School early 1900s from Pennsylvania Old Photos