Sunday, November 15, 2009

Union City, PA High School 1924 Football Team Photo

Union City, PA High School 1924 Football Team

On the team (and probably in the photograph):

Harold Parker, Roger Forbes, Edward Doane, Roger Smiley, Frederick Reese, Harold Dewey, George Mallick, Marshall Wilson, Lloyd Cochran, Francis Mullen, Charles Still, Frank Wolfe, Raymond Emerson, Russell Palmer.

The names of two of the player are unknown. They could be two of the "substitutes" for the team - Harold Nason, Harold Baumbach, Charles Brown Max Wontenay, Donald Hadlock, Kenneth Fisk, Norman Tarbell, Charles Conway.

Coach - V. Hubbell and Supervisor - C. P. Hudson

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Parker, Forbes, Doane, Smiley, Reese, Dewey, Mallick, Wilson, Cochran, Mullen, Still, Wolfe, Emerson, Palmer, Hubbell, Hudson